Our Purpose


Our classes are designed to help actors create authentic, believable and riveting characters both in front of the camera and on stage.

CLARITY, READINESS and DECISIVENESS are fundamental principles our actors use in creating any character.

Be present


Lewis Hyde, in his book, The Gift: Imagination and the Erotic life of Property suggests that humans always take action and make decisions from two possible sources: the survival instinct and the gift-giving impulse. The gift-giving impulse, like the survival instinct, also demands action and decisiveness but the results differ because the intention that provokes the action has nothing to do with security. The action originates in the impulse to give someone a gift and the urge to create a journey for others outside of their daily experience. The instinct requires GENEROSITY, INTEREST IN OTHERS , and EMPATHY.  

- Ann Bogart "A Director Prepares"


The atmosphere of our studio is one of trust in the process and trust in another, love for the art 

and a sense of humor

We constantly remind ourselves that we are playing, and in doing so, even the most emotionally taxing exercises should feel like a game while challenging us to grow and surrender.

Tell the story with your whole heart